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Welcome to Financial Truths

Financial Truths is run by a CFP® and AIFA® accredited financial advisor David Wilson. Dave is also the founder and CEO of Vector Financial Solutions which provides wealth and investment management services in Southern California. Through his work, Dave is committed to helping you cut through the noise and define your own Financial Truths. He has over twenty-five years of experience advising clients through all aspects of financial planning including retirement, divorce, small business issues, investing, and other major life events. He will guide you through evaluating your financial objectives and share strategies to help you accomplish your financial goals in a way that respects what’s important to you and your family.

Why Financial Truths?


Investments can get complicated, especially when you have many different goals in mind. Our job is to explain your options to you in a clear, straightforward way that leaves nothing out. We are committed to respectful communication that helps you make the best financial decisions possible.


Our strategies are well-researched. Advanced screening techniques and tools are used with your specific goals in mind. While no one can guarantee results, careful investment selection does matter. We strive to understand the complex details of every investment we recommend from expense ratios to philosophy to past performance.


Some advisors have limited access to only those products their company offers or they may have an incentive to use one product over another. We have the licenses and qualifications to offer a broad range of investments and are committed to only offering strategies that are suitable to your unique situation.

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