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What Nobody Told You About Alimony Income and Saving For Retirement

  Are you recently or long divorced and receiving alimony? Is alimony your only income source? Are you worried that you won’t be able to contribute to an IRA and save for retirement because you don’t have any “qualifying income”? If you’ve looked into the rules for IRAs at all you’ve probably run into that [...]

FDIC Insurance – Maximize Free Insurance and Keep Your Money Safe

  If you’ve opened up just about any kind of bank or investment account, you’ve probably run into the words “FDIC Insured”. They’re posted in lobbies of local banks and at the desks of financial advisors. Most likely they make you feel a sense of security. After all, it’s good to know that the place [...]

Should I Own Rental Real Estate? What Do I Need to Know?

  One of the questions I’m often asked is if a client should buy rental real estate as an investment. As with most investments, the answer is “it depends”. There’s no question that buying and holding real estate can be a great way to accumulate and build wealth over time. Many fortunes have been built using this [...]

What is a QDRO? How Does it Work? Who Needs One?

  When people divorce, separating finances can get complicated. And if you’re getting divorced and your spouse has a company retirement plan, you will no doubt hear the term “quad dro” or QDRO. What exactly is a QDRO? It’s an acronym for Qualified Domestic Relations Order which is a document that you will need to [...]