Should I Own Rental Real Estate? What Do I Need to Know?

  One of the questions I’m often asked is if a client should buy rental real estate as an investment. As with most investments, the answer is “it depends”. There’s no question that buying and holding real estate can be a great way to accumulate and build wealth over time. Many fortunes have been built using this [...]

Investing In Gold – Is Gold A Good Investment? What Aren’t They Telling You?

  Actors can be convincing! That’s why gold sellers use veteran actors to look like trusted advisors who pitch gold as a great way to protect your future from inflation, financial collapse, and as a good investment. The pitch sounds compelling. After all, with a cheap money policy and low-interest rates, and a government [...]

Investor Mistakes: Are You Making These 7 Common Mistakes

Investing for your current financial situation and your future can be complicated which can lead to many people making mistakes. Here's a list of some of the most common investment mistakes. 1. Lack of Proper Diversification As famed investor John Templeton once said, “The only investors who shouldn’t diversify are those who are right [...]